Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I wanted to write about Mirjam, in case you dont know her she is the owner of the D/s academy. I have been fortunate enough over the last few weeks to get to more discussions in world then normal. I have been to many different places and enjoyed some interesting talks. One thing stood out to me in all this, and that was Mirjam's dedication.

Mirjam manages to run D/s academy, support exsisting projects, and help new ones get off the ground. She is also a landlady, a friend to anyone who needs one, she writes, holds classes, takes part in community events and many many more things, there is no doubt she is an energetic and talented lady, but here is what stood out to me. She supports every discussion at her sim, I dont think I have ever attended a discussion where she wasnt present, she supports those who speak there, makes sure that the events are well advertised so that the content reaches the maximum possible audience, and she is active in a talk, adding her own thoughts and comments throughout. This is so very rare to see, when a sim gets busy, when it develops and expands so often the simple things, the original goals seem to get lost. Mirjam never forgets why she developed the D/s academy, and she continues to hold it true to its original mission.

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  1. Hello again Bella, nice to see that you now start to post about other subjects than Forceme and her blog, that makes you seem less obssessed by her for us your readers.

    Mirjam is also one of my good friends and I totally second all your praises about her.

    She is a very nice person and a hard-working woman who invest lots of time and energy in her great sim, I learnt a lot about RL BDSM just by attending classes at her D/S Academy.